Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Early in my childhood, I was educated to observe life. Exploring the vastness of nature, in the company of my father, I listened to him as he taught me how to see the details around me; and to observe things like colors, shadows, shapes, light, perspective. My father also took a great pleasure in showing me the wonderful feeling it was possible to experience from the middle of the storm close to the sea, the importance of feeling winds on the body and the strength that we could have all the time. My mother also expressed the same sentiment when engaged in the daily activities in our house. It is that kind of unique feeling from my parents that I kept in my heart and project onto the canvas when I paint.

I have always been passionate about the artist’s creative capacity in all areas. I have found the opportunity to practice it, in all my life, by using various creative techniques in art craft such as woodwork, ironwork, patchwork, as well as drawing, watercolor and oil painting.

Since 1990, I have chosen to direct my art toward oil painting. After having practice landscape and still life for many years, I have decided to go to the freedom of abstraction.

With this freedom, I let myself be led by the deepest part of my soul, by the observation of my own and other’s lives which I project on the canvas. The strongest feeling emanates from me and in a deep concentration, I let appear on the canvas the end of a concern and the hopeful nature of the future.

I create a world that I choose where colors mix up and push away, juxtapose and superpose between them, staying always in an abstract human representation. In that creation, I play with forms which have the power of the human thoughts. I love to use various vibrant colors to indicate the motions of life. I take the paint material as it comes and I always work very differently, looking for new effects and for harmony.

I've found myself content in this field because I love to share and listen to the reaction of the people, but I am always guided towards innovation, so as to achieve a new objective bringing a sense of serenity to myself and others.